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Domain Domes are a versatile, cost-effective, relocatable or permanent shelter system, living space or accommodation solution.

Built with composite fiberglass materials, these innovative domes are frameless structures with the strength and durability of a conventional building but the mobility of a tent.

These half tonne weighted domes can free-stand temporarily or be anchored down to any firm, flat surface for permanent or short-term usage while remaining relocatable.Any dome shaped structure is extremely resistant to very severe winds and these domes have been used in Antarctica, Alaska, Dubai, Kashmir/India and many extreme environments. These versatile, highly durable structures can be assembled in less than a day by a few people and basic tools.

As an innovative, cost-effective solution, this system has been used around the world for:

• Self-Contained Living Spaces
• Workers Accommodation, Ablutions, Kitchens,
• Office & Storage
• Exploration Projects & Remote Field Camps
• Unique Promotional & Marketing Space
• Emergency Shelters & Relief Stations
• Military Applications ,
• Operations & Storage
• Tourist Accommodation & Experiental Space
• Rural Outbuilding & Guest Accommodation
• Student Accommodation & Education Facilities
• Transitional Housing / Homeless Accommodation
• Research Stations & Quarantine Shelters
• School & Camp-Ground Facilities
• Highly Acoustic Music Studio / Space
• Office Space, Storage, Rest-Rooms & Workshops


Employing spherical geometry, Domain Domes maintain their structural integrity even with repeated assembly and relocation. They are entirely rustproof and water-proof, can be painted any colour combination and maintenance is limited to hosing down with some soap and water.

The two main sizes are a 5m and 6.1m diameter dome which offers 30 sqm of floor space. A variety of internal configurations can offer one, two, three or four individual spaces within each dome. Interconnecting doors create expanded modules and clusters forming an integrated shelter system that can transported, set-up and operating in almost any space for a fraction of the time and cost of other construction methods and shelter systems.

Prices start from AUS$17,900. For further details, please Email Us at info@domaindomes.com.au or call 0266 840 452 within Australia or +612 66 840452 from overseas.

For details on our other pre-fabricated, versatile, affordable housing and shelter system that comes in 5 sizes, numerous colours and priced from AUS$18,000, visit our site at Blue Mountain Yurts

H O M E | A P P L I C A T I O N S | D E T A I L S | Q & A | G A L L E R Y | C O N T A C T